Instant Chrome OS USB Boot Drive 64 Bit Boot off any computer via USB Start

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Instant Chrome OS 8GB USB Boot Drive 64 Bit Boot off Desktop Notebook via USB Startup

Light and Secure for Instant Booting to access chrome OS browsing experience without having to physically install the Chrome OS on your Desktop/Notebook.

As computer hardware grow old, it becomes difficult to run the latest version of Windows as it does not perform well. While there are a lot of alternatives, Google’s Chrome OS or rather Chromium OS works better on the old hardware. A great way to find use of a older and aging machine.

To ensure compatibility with OS please check to see if your hardware is compatible:

Please message us if you need 32 Bit version, we can create a boot device for 32 Bit if needed instead of 64 Bit.

Chrome OS is an open-source project that aims to build an operating system that provides a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web.


8GB Bootable USB Drive

Chrome OS via Neverware CloudReady


*Updated to latest Version 72.4.35


Once you boot through USB, this Chrome OS starts up as you would on any new Chromebook after the first initial setup.

Please make sure you check to see if our hardware is compatible with the above link for supported devices. Modern Notebooks and Desktops with high end cpus may cause issues with this new Chrome OS because it was made to run efficiently with lower end hardware without dedicated GPU and we do not offer refunds if your hardware is incompatible.

Using this product requires you to have basic understanding of how to enter boot mode through USB with your computer.  Please refer to your Laptop/Computer or motherboard manufacturer to ensure you are able to boot from you USB. We do not offer expertise on “how to boot your hardware with USB”. Ensure you can boot through your USB before making your purchase please.

Boot device is test to ensure it boots property before sending dispatching to clients.


Free USPS First Class to USA.