How to Setup Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Product Key

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Thank you for your purchase and support! 

A kind reminder, digital order will not have anything shipped to you as you selected the digital format for delivery which is via email or messages. 

Make sure to use the below activation key for a new install of windows 8.1 pro only. The 25 digit license code is not to replace a previous bad license.

Please reference the link below for your download of ISO file for creation of USB or DVD through the software below from MS:

Microsoft Direct Download Link for Windows 8/8.1:

Microsoft Media Creation Tool download: 

Your windows product key can be found in your original order email. 

General resource on how to boot from bios and for fresh install of windows: 

How to boot from Bios:


Please let us know if the key works! If there is an issue we would like to take corrective action immediately. To expedite replacement or refund, please provide a screenshot of the error or allow our specialist to verify your issue with TeamViewer ( by providing the ID and Password so we can resolve the issue within 30 days of dispatched digital goods. If we cannot remedy the issue we will refund no questions asked after our specialist have documented and verified the issue(s). We require these cases to be documented to deter fraudulent claims. 

-- Information regarding TeamViewer Security:

Please let us know when is a good time for assistance so we can coordinate a time convenient for you and our specialist. We guarantee if we cannot setup and activate for you, we will refund or replace the product key with no questions asked. 

Return Policy:

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