How to Setup Office 2019 Pro Plus

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Thanks for your digital order for 1 PC. Once Activated Microsoft associates your PC hardware ID with the product key you were provided. 


Step 1: Uninstall all previous and current versions of office:

Please make sure you remove all previous versions of office including the trial version that comes with your windows. You can remove existing office versions by typing in "Add or remove programs"  from your Windows Search bar and selecting "add or remove programs" from your system systems .  You can also use the scrub tool from MS linked below to assist you with removing all traces of previous versions of office:

Step 2: Download and run the Office image file to setup:

Download File Image Directly from MS Server (remember where you save your download files to run setup)

 *When you click the link above it may automatically download to your designated download folder depending on your browser type.

**If you want to install a specific version such as 32 or 64 bit, select the “Office” folder and from your DVD/USB, there you can select 32 or 64 bit setup. 


Tip: The 64-bit version is installed by default unless Office detects you already have a 32-bit version of Office (or a stand-alone Office app such as Project or Visio) installed. In this case, the 32-bit version of Office will be installed instead.


To change from a 32-bit version to a 64-bit version or vice versa, you need to uninstall Office first (including any stand-alone Office apps you have such as Project of Visio). Once the uninstall is complete, sign in again to and select Other install options, choose the language and version you want (64 or 32-bit), and then select Install. (See Install Visio or Install Project if you need to reinstall those stand-alone apps.)


Step 3: Enter in the product key & Phone Activation Method: 

Your product key can be found on your order email. Open up Excel APP by typing "Excel" in your windows search bar. Select Excel App to open.  Once opened, there will be a request to enter in your product key. Enter in the product key and select activate. The main activation screen will be available providing you two options: 1) Online Activation and 2) Phone Activation.  Select the 2nd option, phone activation method. On the phone activation menu there will be an Installation ID which you will need to contact the automated phone activation service and provide the Installation ID for the Confirmation ID from MS automated phone activation server to activate linked here:

*Select "0" if the activation asks you how many times you have installed using your product key, it is your first time activating on your pc. 

Detailed Phone activation link:


You are successfully activated once you enter in the confirmation ID. 

How to check Office Activation Status

  • Open any Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)
  • Go to File > Account.
  • The program's activation status is visible right under Product Information heading. If it says Product Activated, it means that you have a validly licensed copy of Microsoft Office. At this time we recommend you manually update to ensure you have the latest updates for compatibility.

Please let us know if the key works! If there is an issue we would like to take corrective action immediately. To expedite replacement or refund, please provide a screenshot of the error or allow our specialist to verify your issue with TeamViewer ( by providing the ID and Password so we can resolve the issue within 30 days of dispatched digital goods. If we cannot remedy the issue we will refund no questions asked after our specialists have documented and verified the issue(s). We require these cases to be documented to deter fraudulent claims.

Please let us know when is a good time for assistance so we can coordinate a time convenient for you and our specialist. We guarantee if we cannot setup and activate for you, we will refund or replace the product key with no questions asked within 30 days of this email.

Return Policy:

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